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PremierTrax creates a durable floor from open-weave flexible tiles that securely interlock. With 18 available colors, you can get really creative! Color match your car, a favorite team's colors, your garage storage cabinets, or create a pattern that's yours alone. Its open-profile surface and unique flow- through design make it the ideal floor for a busy family garage.

  • No more tracking dirt inside the house and spills "disappear" to be hosed away
  • Color customize areas for storage, home gym, laundry or "his & hers" spaces
  • Create a permanent hopscotch board or basketball court
  • Define parking stalls
  • One day installation with no adhesives or chemicals to cure or dry, so your new floor is back in service the same day

The PremierTrax non-slip surface is also suitable for a patio and deck, an in-home gym, kid's play room or around a pool or hot tub. Its 8% rubber polypropylene mix makes it ergonomically friendly to knees and backs for those areas where you spend lots of time.

Additional benefits of a PremierTrax garage floor:

  • Its open-profile surface and unique flow-through design keep the floor clean
  • A damaged tile can be easily replaced

Your new garage floor is just a phone call away. Call your local designer today and schedule a FREE, in-home consultation to discuss your garage needs. They'll come to you with flooring samples so you can easily imagine your new garage floor.

Color Options

Arctic White
Carnival Pink
Chocolate Brown
Citrus Yellow
Cosmic Purple
Island Blue

Jet Black
Mocha Java
Pearl Grey
Pearl Silver
Racing Red

Royal Blue
Slate Grey
Techno Green
Terra Cotta
Tropical Orange
Turf Green