Epoxy Cove Molding For Your Floor

Would you like to install an epoxy floor for your home or business and wonder why make a nice clean corner for a truly seamless floor? There are many advantages of any cove base for the edges of your epoxy floor.  Not only does it look good but it makes your floor easier to clean while giving your floor an attractive and seamless look.  The molding also prevents water from going under the walls as well as reducing the places that insects can hide and where bacteria can grow.  In areas where chemicals are used, the molding serves as a barrier for containment and in many food and pharmaceutical applications, the government requires this base.

Epoxy Cove Floor  

To get the right look and proper installation takes skill and time. A designer from Tailored Living NH will work with you to determine the requirements of your epoxy cove molding needs based on the surface conditions of the work area, the look you are wanting to achieve and any regulations.  They have the training, experience, and commitment to assess your job to get it done right the first time and they know the pitfalls to look out for along the way.