Garage Workshop Considerations

Garages are a great place for our most noisy and dirty projects, as well as accommodating our vehicles.  Yet if these spaces are not comfortable to work in then we won't use them.  Here are some things to consider for the ultimate garage shop:

Garage Cabinetry

  1. Adequate workspace - primary workspace benches should have a solid top that can stand up to the wear and tear of tools and materials.  Usually, a work surface that is 24" deep and between 36 to 42 inches high will be comfortable.  In addition, some benches include shelves, drawers, and vises.
  1. Appropriate storage - modular, wall-mounted storage systems will help you organize shelves, bins, and hooks the way you need.  The last thing you want to do in your shop is rummage through coffee cans and cigar boxes to find the hardware to get the job done. 
  1. Excellent lighting - these workspaces need bright ambient lighting and strong task lighting from halogen and LED to recessed fixtures and ceiling mounted fluorescent.  It's important to remember with lighting that it is the Lumens and not the Watts that makes all the difference.  Keeping the electrical in mind, make sure your workshop has adequate electrical service and that the outlets and capacities can accommodate your power tools.
  1. Durable surfaces and easy-to-clean environment - we don't often consider the flooring of a workshop until clean up time or unless there was an accidental spill.  Having an epoxy floor that can stand up to harsh chemicals and which can be wiped and swept clean can make all the difference in wrapping up a project with ease.