What Are The Benefits Of An Epoxy Coating?

Let's face it, floors are not something we usually pay a lot of attention to.  Typically we pick out the best floor for our budget (and perhaps our preferred taste) and leave the rest to the tests of time.  Epoxy floors are something to take seriously and can be especially beneficial whether covering the floor of your garage or covering the floors of your basement, mudroom, game room or play space. Here is a list of epoxy coating benefits to consider:

  1. Durable - These floors resist wear and tear due to high traffic and messy spills (whether its spaghetti sauce or a chemical spill).
  2. Strong - Once the epoxy is set and in a solid state, it becomes incredibly strong and will keep its shine for many years.
  3. Low maintenance - Cleaning is as easy as mopping and rinsing!
  4. Variety - A wide variety of colors, textures and styles are available to personalize your floor.  
  5. Personalization - Whether for personal use or business use, a logo or theme can be incorporated onto the floor for a one-of-a-kind look.
  6. Safe - The coatings on the floors are resistant to extreme impact and temperature, and they can help you from slipping when it is wet.
  7. Environmentally friendly - Epoxy coatings last for a very long time thereby reducing the need to replace the flooring.  
  8. Cost savings - These floors reduce the wear and tear on your concrete slab, no more pitting!

Epoxy Garage Floor