Decorative Textures

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Decorative Textures

This classic, timeless texture floor coating provides subtle texture with a slight glossy finish. Can mimic the look of terrazzo with a variety of decorative chip colors and sizes: 1/4"chips and 1/8" micro-sized chips, you can easily coordinate with garage storage cabinets, slat walls and shelving or just pick a color that inspires you from our stylebook: curated collections of Earthtones, Greytones. For an even bigger impact custom blend a color that's all your own.

  • Typically a 1-2 Day Installation
  • 3 Layer System
  • Average thickness of 42-44 mils
  • The Decorative Texture series is the most common among the PremierGarage Network

Our epoxy floor coating has a bounty of benefits:

  • Gives a textured, glossy finish that protects your garage floor, sealing out dirt, dust and debris, and inhibiting mold and bacterial growth
  • All but Solids has a slight texture to the surface due to the color chips
  • Ensures your floor will retain its true color and shine for years to come
  • Low maintenance required
  • Design and style fitting your lifestyle
  • Has a non-porous surface and spills wipe right up, so keeping your floor clean is almost effortless
  • Multitudes of different textures and styles to choose from

Our trained technicians begin the installation process by machining your floor in order to open the pores to allow PremierOne's industrial resins to soak into the concrete and take root.

The result is a permanent chemical bond that will substantially outperform do-it-yourself products or one-day floor treatments that merely lay on the surface, making them susceptible to peeling, tearing and wear.

If you want to learn more about our epoxy floor coating, contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation. There’s so much in store for your floor!

Installation of your new floor coating is quick and easy when done by our trained professionals who know how to create the ideal surface condition to ensure long-lasting performance. Your garage floor is machine-prepped to remove contaminants in the existing floor by grinding the concrete and filling any holes, chips and cracks. PremierGarages' proprietary decorative texture floor coating can be up to twice as thick as other floor coatings, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Depending on the size of your garage, a decorative texture garage floor can take one to two days to prep and coat. Cure time is typically 24-36 hours, impacted by the humidity and temperature in your area. Your PremierGarage representative will confirm the installation time for your custom floor and let you know when it's safe for the everyday traffic and heavy use of a busy garage...however you use your garage.

  • Laundry room
  • Mudroom for keeping the family organized
  • Home repairs and projects workbench, tools storage
  • Sports central with game tables and lots of equipment
  • Showroom for treasured cars or motorcycles
  • Crafts area and gift wrapping center
  • Garden center for your green thumb
  • Workout space with mats and machines
  • Man Cave territory with media center and technology toys

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