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Marbleized garage floor coating

Turn your garage into a work of art. This ultimate in high-end garage floor coating is created from a mix of two or more colors of marbleized epoxy swirled together to form an abstract pattern. The molten metal effect evokes cloud-like, three-dimensional depths of color on the floor and rivals the opulence of any ritzy nightclub or trendy day spa. Since the unique pattern is created while the floor is being installed, it’s guaranteed that there will never be another floor exactly like it! Choose one of our color options or ask your expert about a custom color blend. 

  • Typically a 4-Day Installation
  • 4 Layer System
  • Average thickness of 42-44 mils

It’s an Investment, Not an Expense

A custom PremierOne Stratus garage floor is an investment in the real value of your home.

  • Garage enhancement with custom flooring and cabinetry increase a home’s selling potential.
  • A maximized garage with space to park the cars protects that investment from damage and deterioration from intense sun, rain, dirt and grit on windy days, snow, sleet and hail in the wintertime, and rust and paint damage from salt on the roads in snow country.
  • Capture underused space and convert it into functional living space and possibly avoid a move by making your home seem bigger.

Protecting that investment is easy if you follow these easy steps:

  • Wipe up any spills immediately
  • Regularly sweep with a soft broom or dust mop to keep dirt and dust to a minimum
  • Mop the garage floor every few months with a low-pH (neutral) cleaner like Simple Green® to keep the floor immaculate (no citrus, vinegar or soap-based cleaners)
  • Protect the surface by using a dolly to move heavy items instead of dragging them across the floor
  • Use mats or padding under such things as a motorcycle kick stand or tire jack
  • Place rugs where spills or moisture are common, such as in front of a utility sink, washer and dryer or a workbench

If you want a high-end garage floor that will enhance your home’s functionality or reflect back the glory of your car, boat or Jet Ski, PremierOne Stratus can do the trick. The marbleized floor coating with its high-gloss, mirror finish will make everything in your garage appear highly impressive, or it can be the perfect foundation for any extended living space.

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