Stone Garage Flooring

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The look of Granite Stone Flooring

The look of Granite Stone flooring is a beautiful and timeless option for your garage. There are many different colors and styles of stone to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your unique space and needs. These flake blends imitate real stone in six natural colors, creating an incredibly beautiful floor, turning your garage into fully-functional extended living space for you to enjoy.

  • Typically a 1-2 Day Installation
  • 3 Layer System
  • Average thickness of 42-44 mils

Granite Garage Floors

Granite is one of the most popular finishes in homes today for countertops and high-end flooring due to its durability and appearance. It is highly resistant to staining, fading, and cracking, making it a good option for busy areas in your home. Now you can have the elegant look of granite on your garage floor with PremierOne's Stone floor coating. The 1/4" chips imitate real stone in six natural colors, creating an incredibly beautiful floor, turning your garage into fully-functional extended living space for you to enjoy.

  • It's the perfect foundation for parking any vehicles, since the PremierOne floor coatings are the toughest hybrid polymer floor coatings available.
  • The non-porous surface repels water, auto fluids, paint thinner and other chemicals, so spills wipe up leaving the floor perfectly intact with its glossy shine.
  • For a man cave or media center, the PremierOne Stone floor coating stays color-true year after year. 
  • Colors are chosen to coordinate with garage storage cabinet finishes for a polished, professional look for your garage.

With custom garage storage cabinets that optimize space and style, your new "granite" floor will create the garage of your dreams!

Our revolutionary, industrial-grade hybrid polymer blend floor coating will transform your garage with the beauty of a granite-look floor. The strength and durability of the floor offers irresistible benefits like low maintenance and a tough finish that lasts for years, regardless of where you live or how you use your garage. Benefits of every PremierOne Stone garage floor:

  • Impervious to weather — hot, cold, wet or dry, coastal, mountain or desert
  • Reduces allergens and the dust and dirt buildup of unfinished concrete
  • Resists chemicals commonly found in garages like gas, oil, auto fluids and paint thinner
  • Spills are no problem since nothing sticks to the surface; use a cloth for quick clean up
  • Chemically bonds with the concrete floor, creating a continuous, non-porous surface
  • Free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) makes it safe for families and pets

Garages are generally the biggest single space in a house and one of the least expensive to remodel. So why do so many garages remain as underutilized, unattractive space?

  • The nature of garages is intimidating — bare concrete, unfinished walls and beam ceilings
  • That big, open space can’t be seen as anything but big, open space (a.k.a. no imagination)
  • It gets piled up with random storage before it’s given a second thought as functional living space

Installing a new PremierOne Stone garage floor may be the first step to jump-start the transformation of your garage. With thoughtful planning and design help from a PremierGarage designer, your garage can become an extension of your home, fulfilling its usefulness. Factor in parking the car and installing custom garage storage cabinets to get everything up off the floor, and you can convert newly discovered space into a game room, workout area, kid’s play room, entertainment bar and dance floor, tricked-out Man Cave, full-service laundry area or myriad other uses, depending on your specific lifestyle.

Garage accessories like wall hanging storage systems, overhead storage racks, specialty hooks and racks for sports equipment and tools, work countertops, locking cabinets and drawers and more, means you can customize every inch of your ultimate garage into organized living space.

A PremierOne garage floor coating will provide years of carefree use and beauty. It‘s the last garage floor you’ll ever need to install, with care and maintenance that is quick and easy to keep your floor looking like new. There’s no need for an expensive Shop-Vac®, heavy-duty concrete cleaners, wire brushes or power washers. The non-stick, durable surface makes cleanup a breeze.

  • Wipe up any spills immediately with an absorbent cloth
  • An occasional sweep with a soft broom or dust mop will keep dirt and dust to a minimum
  • A good mopping every few months with a low-pH (neutral) cleaner like Simple Green® will keep the floor immaculate (no citrus, vinegar or soap-based cleaners); rinse thoroughly
  • Test any new cleaner on a small, out-of-the-way area before you do the entire floor
  • Safeguard the surface from damage by not dragging heavy items across the floor; keep a dolly handy to facilitate moving large items and to protect your back from injury
  • Use mats or padding under such things as a tire jack or motorcycle kick stand

Take Your Garage to the Next Level

  • Garage Cabinets

    Maximize your garage storage space with our custom storage and organization solutions tailored to your family’s activities.

  • Finishes

    PremierGarage has a range of cabinet finishes from basic white to wood grain. Design your space to complement your home’s distinctive style.

  • Accessories

    Our accessories help keep your space organized and efficient. From lighting to hooks, we have the perfect accessories for any situation.

  • Automated Garage Lifts

    Automated overhead garage storage and organization solutions help to reduce clutter and maximize floor space.