Garage Floor Epoxy Colors

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Solid Color Epoxy Floors

The flooring option for the color purist. This floor coating will give you an uninterrupted expanse of color, protecting and beautifying your garage floor. European design, clean, simple and modern – make a statement with a punch of "wow" of color or keep it low-key with soft subtle color. 

  • Typically a 3-Day Installation
  • 3 Layer System
  • Average thickness of 22-24 mils

PremierOne Solids floor coatings:

  • Are free of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Are commercial-tough, with a smooth, hard finish that banishes dust and dirt and inhibits the growth of mold or bacteria
  • Come in six colors to coordinate with custom garage cabinet finishes and hardware choices, a favorite car or sports team logo
  • Create a shiny, reflective surface to enhance the light in the garage

Take your garage from a functional space to an inviting one with the PremierOne Solids flooring color perfect for you. You’ll be floored with the results!

Assurance of Quality

With PremierGarage, you’re assured of getting the highest quality products, expert installation, and professional design expertise.

  • A free, in-home consultation brings a designer into your home to discuss all your design options.
  • PremierOne floor coatings are an industrial-grade hybrid polymer that cures to twice as hard as traditional epoxy floor finishes. Finishes are moisture and spill-resistant.
  • Installers are trained employees of PremierGarage and they will leave your space clean.
  • Each independently owned and operated franchise location stands behind their work.

Build on Your Beautiful Foundation

A new PremierOne floor coating is the perfect beginning to a complete garage makeover, including custom garage storage cabinets and wall hanging organizational systems like Slatwall panels. Slatwall can be configured for any space, such as awkward corners or around water heaters and utility panels to capture all available wall space for storage. You can completely eliminate garage clutter by having everything up off the floor, making room in the garage for parking the cars, setting up a game room, building a home gym, hobby area or ultimate Man Cave.

PremierOne floor coatings beautifully coordinate with the wide selection of finishes and colors on PremierGarage's custom cabinets. Create anything from drama with bright and contrasting colors to a calming environment with neutrals. You can have the floor color, cabinet finish, wall color and accessories working together to create a fully functional extension of your home’s living space.

A Hard-Working Floor

PremierOne floor coatings are so beautiful you may be fooled into thinking that that is what they do best. But the PremierOne Solids floor coating has incredible strength and durability. In fact, it’s the toughest garage floor coating you can buy, giving you an industrial-strength floor right in your own garage!

To ensure a permanent floor coating, your garage floor is machine-prepped to remove contaminants in the existing floor so the epoxy resins can soak into the concrete, taking root and creating a permanent chemical bond that can be twice as thick as other floor coatings. PremierOne Solids creates a continuous, non-porous surface that repels liquids and resists dirt, mold and bacteria growth so your garage is cleaner and safer for your family. Spills wipe right up with an absorbent cloth, including auto fluids like gasoline and oil, and other chemicals like paint thinner and pesticides.

Another advantage to this hard-working floor is that you don’t have to work hard to maintain it. Unless your garage is a full-on workshop requiring cleanup after every job, here’s a maintenance schedule that will keep your floor looking like new.

  • Always wipe up spills immediately.
  • Sweep the floor once a month with a micro-fiber dust mop to prevent buildup of dust and debris.
  • Wash the floor three to four times a year with a low-pH (neutral) cleaner like Simple Green®; no citrus, vinegar or soap-based cleaners. Rinse and dry, making sure no puddles remain on the surface.
  • Do not drag heavy items across the floor, they could mar the surface.
  • Use mats or padding under such things as motorcycle kick stands, jacks or other tools.
  • Place rugs or mats where spills or moisture are common — in front of a washer/dryer, utility sink, workbench or stairs into the house.

Take Your Garage to the Next Level

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  • Finishes

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