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More than just cutting-edge coatings, our PremierOne® application boasts a best-in-class installation and process that goes beyond surface-level transformations. We begin with a comprehensive surface evaluation, adhering to CSP (Concrete Surface Profile) standards to ensure industrial quality results. Every inch of your garage floor is meticulously scrutinized to provide the proper solution to your individual needs. ​ ​

What truly sets PremierGarage™ apart is our unwavering commitment to providing custom solution recommendations for each individual floor. We have assembled a team of flooring experts who possess both an artistic eye and a scientific mind, with leading expertise in the garage coatings industry. They skillfully analyze the unique requirements of your garage floor, considering usage behaviors, aesthetic preferences, and environmental conditions. Under the right conditions some of our solutions can be delivered in about a day. However, we won't compromise to make one-day promises to win your business. We know each floor is unique and each customer solution is unique.


With PremierGarage, you’re assured of getting the highest quality products, expert installation, and professional design expertise. A free, in-home consultation brings a designer into your home to discuss all your design options. PremierOne floor coatings are an industrial-grade hybrid polymer that cures to twice as hard as traditional epoxy floor finishes. Installers are trained employees of PremierGarage and they will leave your space clean. Each independently owned and operated franchise location stands behind their work.

Build on Your Beautiful Foundation

A new PremierOne floor coating is the perfect beginning to a complete garage makeover, including custom garage storage cabinets and wall hanging organizational systems like Slatwall panels. Slatwall can be configured for any space, such as awkward corners or around water heaters and utility panels to capture all available wall space for storage. You can completely eliminate garage clutter by having everything up off the floor, making room in the garage for parking the cars, setting up a game room, building a home gym, hobby area or ultimate Man Cave.

PremierOne floor coatings beautifully coordinate with the wide selection of finishes and colors on PremierGarage's custom cabinets. Create anything from drama with bright and contrasting colors to a calming environment with neutrals. You can have the floor color, cabinet finish, wall color and accessories working together to create a fully functional extension of your home’s living space.

Easy Maintenance - Install it and Practically Forget it

A PremierOne garage floor coating will provide years of carefree use and beauty. It‘s the last garage floor you’ll ever need to install, with care and maintenance that is quick and easy to keep your floor looking like new. There’s no need for an expensive Shop-Vac®, heavy-duty concrete cleaners, wire brushes or power washers. The non-stick, durable surface makes cleanup a breeze.

  • Wipe up any spills immediately with an absorbent cloth
  • An occasional sweep with a soft broom or dust mop will keep dirt and dust to a minimum
  • A good mopping every few months with a low-pH (neutral) cleaner like Simple Green® will keep the floor immaculate (no citrus, vinegar or soap-based cleaners); rinse thoroughly
  • Test any new cleaner on a small, out-of-the-way area before you do the entire floor
  • Safeguard the surface from damage by not dragging heavy items across the floor; keep a dolly handy to facilitate moving large items and to protect your back from injury
  • Use mats or padding under such things as a tire jack or motorcycle kick stand