You’ve decided that it’s time to get bikes. The whole family wants a bike, and it’s a great way to get out and enjoy the fresh air. The problem is storage. You need garage storage solutions in Washington City to make sure the bikes stay out of the way and protected.

If you leave bikes outside, they end up rusting and becoming damage. If you don’t have a storage solution in the actual garage, they can get in the way of the cars and they can end up becoming a trip hazard. So, what are your options for safe storage?

Opt for Wall Mounts to Keep Them Out of the Way

Start with garage storage solutions in Washington City that keep the bikes away from the ground. You want to make sure you have plenty of space on the floor for parking the car and other uses of the garage. This means wall mounts.

Look out for wall mounts that are specifically designed for your type of bike. They come in different sizes for the size of bike you have—including options for children’s bikes.

There is an issue with these types of storage systems. Children can’t usually lift their own bikes up to put on the racks. You’ll need to do it for them. Plus, if you end up injured or unable to lift things for a while, you won’t be able to manage your own bikes. However, everything is out of the way, giving you more space on the ground.

Opt for Bike Racks in the Garage

Good garage storage solutions in Washington City are about making sure everything has a place. That could be on a wall, but it doesn’t need to be. Sometimes, you just need to make sure that bikes have a home in the garage. This way, everyone in the family will know where they’re supposed to put their bikes after use.

Opt for a storage rack at the side of the garage. Make sure there is enough space to move around the parked bikes. It’s like having a rack at a school or at work, but you don’t need to worry about locking up the bikes as the garage door will lock.

Everyone can have their dedicated spot for their own bikes. This prevents bikes from being left lying around, usually just behind a car that you don’t see when you’re reversing!

A Stand for Upward Storage

Do you have little room to store the bikes upright? You want garage storage solutions in Washington City that will allow you to store your bikes upward. There are racks that allow you to store up on the back tire, locking the front tire so that it faces up toward the ceiling.

This takes up less space when standing. The downside is children will need help getting their bikes locked in place. This can also put extra weight on that back tire.

You need to store your bikes safely in your garage. It’s time to look at specific garage storage solutions in Washington City based on the best way to store the bikes for everyone to use them easily.

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