You’ve heard plenty about the benefits of getting epoxy flooring in St. George for your garage or your basement. What about the downsides, though? After all, everything has downsides, right?

Yes, there are some disadvantages to this type of flooring. The good news is most of these disadvantages are manageable with a few tricks either before or after laying it down. Here’s everything you need to know.

Epoxy Flooring Can Be Cold

If you’re looking to lay the epoxy flooring in St. George in somewhere like your basement, you’ll want to consider the coldness of the area. This type of flooring can be cold in the winter, and the basement is already going to be one of the colder rooms in the house. It’s important to manage that before or after laying it down.

Underfloor heating is one of the most popular options beforehand, but that is going to add extra costs to your renovation. Afterward, you could look at getting rugs to lay over the top. This is great for a basement that works as a playroom or a den.

What about the garage? The coldness of the flooring probably isn’t that much of a concern. You use your garage for your car in most cases, so why would you need to worry about how cold the floor gets? If you use your garage as a workshop, then you’ll want to think about the temperature issues.

This Type of Flooring Is Hard

As it would seem when you look at epoxy flooring in St. George, it is a hard surface. This is the main benefit of the flooring, right? You want something that is stable and will withstand any potential damage. This is great for a garage, but what about other rooms where you may use it?

Do you want the basement flooring to be very hard? Your children will want to play down there without the risk of hurting themselves on concrete-like hardness. You can always manage that with carpets and rugs. The flooring is there as a great base, and then you can add something softer for your children.

This downside really will depend on the use of the room. The harder flooring is a benefit as it doesn’t tend to crack when something is dropped on it.

Ripples Can Form in the Flooring

When you lay epoxy flooring in St. George down, you need to make sure it’s done properly. If there is any sort of unevenness to the flooring underneath, ripples can start to form in the epoxy floor. It’s not going to look as good for as long as it should, meaning you end up spending more money on your renovations.

The best thing to do is to fix any problems you have in the first place. You’ll want to do this anyway when it comes to any type of renovation work.

A lot of the downsides to epoxy flooring in St. George aren’t going to be a concern. It all depends on where you’re laying the flooring and what you want to use the room or space for.

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