Something worth looking at getting is residential epoxy flooring in St. George. This is one of the safest types of floorings you can get, and it’s versatile for multiple rooms.

There are some rooms that will come to mind first. However, you may be surprised by the way this type of flooring will help. Here are the top rooms to add epoxy flooring to.

Start with the Garage Floor

You want residential epoxy flooring in St. George in the garage. This is the most important room when it comes to safe flooring. Epoxy flooring is great for avoid slips and cracks, both of which are common in this room. After all, you’ll get a lot of water from the outside, and it’s easy for tools to fall.

The flooring will last for the years to come. You protect the concrete underneath, and you have something that doesn’t stain when the car oil leaks. Plus, it looks good for the space. The garage is the most popular room in the house for epoxy flooring, and there are a lot of great reasons for that.

Add Epoxy Flooring to the Basement

Another room in the house that needs residential epoxy flooring in St. George right away is the basement. You’ve likely converted this into a den or a hobby room. Maybe it’s a laundry room or just some extra storage for the house. Whatever you use the room for, making sure the flooring is safe and durable is important.

Let’s say it is a hobby room for woodwork. That’s a lot of tools that could drop. You want to make sure the floor doesn’t crack under the pressure. If it’s a den or games room, you’ll need flooring that is long-lasting under the pressure of everyone running around and whatever games and items you put in the space. While epoxy can be on the cold side, you can easily lay rugs down to help with insulation.

Opt for Epoxy in the Kitchen

One room that you may overlook at first is the kitchen. After all, you’ll look at tiles and laminate flooring for this space. It’s time to add residential epoxy flooring in St. George instead.

While this flooring can look a little industrial at times, there are now many ways to make it work for the indoors. You can get something that adds to the style of the kitchen, while you gain all the benefits of epoxy flooring. Think about how you’ll have something that withstands the temperatures in the room and all the grease splatter and spillages that happen. You’ll need to replace tiles and laminate flooring after a few years, but you don’t need to worry about epoxy.

Now is the time to look at upgrades for your home. Residential epoxy flooring in St. George is growing in popularity, and it’s not just good for the garage. Consider using it for your basement conversion or when you’re upgrading your kitchen to gain long-term benefits.

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