As you look to upgrade your garage, you’re considering flooring options. Residential epoxy flooring in St. George keeps coming up as an option. It’s something that you’ve never heard of before, and you’re not sure if it’s going to work for you.

The most important thing at first to consider is the use of your garage. For a lot of people, this is the place to store the car, so you need to make sure any flooring is able to handle that weight. That’s why you’re somewhat limited in your choices. Will epoxy flooring be any good?

Epoxy Flooring Is Used in Air Hangers

Your car is going to be fine on residential epoxy flooring in St. George. This is the type of flooring that is used in the majority of air hangers, and the airplanes are much heavier than your car. If the flooring is able to handle the weight of the planes—and multiple ones at that—it will handle your car. Even if you have two cars, there isn’t an issue with the weight.

This is a sturdy and durable flooring. It doesn’t crack under pressure, and it will protect the concrete underneath the flooring from any damage that could happen. There’s little risk to the structure of your home.

It Will Handle the Foot Traffic

With a garage, it’s not just about the weight of the car, but also the foot traffic that comes from storing the car there. You’ll have people walking too and from the car, and usually along the same path. Is residential epoxy flooring in St. George going to handle that?

There is some great news again. Remember that this flooring is used in air hangers. They have a lot more foot traffic than your garage. They don’t buckle under the stress, even in the most popular sections of the hanger. Your garage is going to be just fine.

In fact, the flooring is safer for foot traffic than many others. There are times that you’ll get water on the floor, whether it’s from boots that have been out in the snow or from something that’s spilled. Epoxy doesn’t cause spillage problems.

Handling Any Oil Spills

Oil spills happen. You may have a leak in the car, or you may have spilt some when doing an oil change. Either way, you now have something on your garage flooring that could end up staining and causing a problem. This isn’t an issue with residential epoxy flooring in St. George.

Epoxy flooring won’t stain from the oil spills. You’ll be able to clean them up and not have to worry about slipping. There’s no need to have all the flooring replaced so you don’t need to look at the stain. Plus, the flooring isn’t damaged by the oil or other substances, so it will remain durable for years to come.

Residential epoxy flooring in St. George is one of the best options you can consider for your home. It will handle the weight of your car and much more.

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