Discover the hybrid advantage to garage flooring: PremierOne Epoxy & Polyaspartic Power Combo 

When it comes to choosing a garage floor, it’s more than what meets the eye. The look is what will initially drive your purchase intention, however, ensure the formulation and application is right for your floor. It's essential to consider the nuances of each option to make an informed decision. While a single Polyaspartic formula may seem enticing at first glance, we believe that the winning combination of an Epoxy and Polyaspartic formulation offers the gold standard coating solution for garage flooring performance. Allow us to present the compelling reasons why this hybrid approach reigns supreme, as we trust them both in harmony to create the last garage floor you’ll ever need. 

Strength Meets Speed: 

Epoxy is renowned for its unbeatable strength and durability. It forms a robust foundation that can withstand heavy loads, resist chemicals, and maintain its pristine appearance for years. Polyaspartic coatings are known for their rapid curing time. By combining an epoxy base with a Polyaspartic top, you get the best of both worlds: the unyielding strength of epoxy with the quick-drying and protection efficiency of Polyaspartic. The synergy between Epoxy and Polyaspartic creates a garage floor that outlasts single Polyaspartic formulas. 

Resistance to Chemicals and Stains: 

Epoxy's exceptional chemical resistance complements the Polyaspartic topcoat's stain resistance. This dynamic duo ensures that your garage floor remains impervious to both chemical spills and unsightly stains, a level of protection that a single Polyaspartic formula cannot match. 

Enhanced Aesthetic Options: 

The epoxy base coat allows for an extensive range of design possibilities, from decorative flakes to metallic pigments and vibrant swirls of colors. The Polyaspartic topcoat seals in and enhances the chosen design, providing a glossy, sleek finish that rivals single Polyaspartic options. 


While a hybrid formula may seem like a more substantial investment upfront, it pays off in the long run. The extended lifespan and superior performance reduce the need for frequent re-coating, making it a cost-efficient choice over time. 

Proven Performance: 

Epoxy base coats have a time-tested reputation for excellence, while Polyaspartic topcoats provide the finishing touch with their modern, fast-curing technology. This hybrid formula combines the best of both worlds, leveraging their individual strengths for an unmatched garage flooring solution. 

In the world of garage flooring, the PremierOne hybrid formula stands as a testament to the adage that "two heads are better than one." It offers the perfect balance of strength, aesthetics, and longevity, elevating your garage to new heights of performance and beauty. 

Do not compromise when you can have it all. Contact us today to explore our PremierOne coating solutions and let us provide you with this proven – unbeatable duo.  

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