Use ideal storage systems to get all your sports gear from being all over the garage. Make use of racks, shelving units, bins, cabinets, and hooks to restore sanity and tidiness in your garage.

If you are a sports enthusiast, then you must own a lot of gear related to your favorite sports. This situation is applicable to a family setting where each member practices one or more sports. You can imagine the amount of sporting gear that gets deposited in the garage. Here's how to organize it so you have a tidy garage.

How to store sports equipment in a garage

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Since there are many types of sports gear, start by organizing the gear according to type. This means putting all balls together, racquets in one heap, bikes, and other similar items in piles. It gives you an idea of what storage needs you to require.

Anything your children have outgrown or no longer use because it is old, smaller, or have no more interest in, needs to be set aside. Sell or give away to declutter your garage and organize only what is regularly in use.

Identify storage that gets all sports items from the floor. Choose from a wide variety of garage sports equipment storage that comprises the following:

Ceiling storage

Consider using the ceiling space for bulky and pricey items that are not regularly used or are not in use for that season. This could be bikes, snowboards, sleds, or kayaks. Ceiling storage keeps them safe and out of the way. Construct overhead hooks for bikes and a sliding bin system for small items. Ensure you label each bin. Overhead racking works perfectly for your camping equipment as well. Use heavy-duty racks that will not give in no matter the weight.

Build a sports storage station in one corner

Choose one corner in your garage to store all your sports items. Consider a heavy-duty unit in one corner with enough shelves that reach the ceiling. Use the separate shelves to store related items together. Helmets, frisbees, rollerblades, knee pads, and such items can be placed separately on each of these shelves. Allocate shelves for holding transparent or mesh bins for small items such as tennis balls, water bottles, and skipping ropes. Deep bins can store bats and long racquets.

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Use one part of the wall for all your storage

Another effective perspective to take on how to organize sports equipment in a garage is to use one wall for all your sports storage. You can decide to use any or all of the following:

  • Slatwall – this type of storage offers you flexibility on how to configure it and arrange your items. Your budget and preference determine the type and color of material and configurations to use. Choose materials such as MDF, aluminum, PVC, or wood.

There is a wide range of accessories to choose from including peg hooks, specialty hooks, baskets, holders, tilt-out bins, bike hooks, and shelves. You can place children's items at a lower level within their reach. Place in-season sports gear on the lower parts and out-of-season ones on the upper part of your Slatwall panel.

  • Cabinets for bins – you may opt for cabinets to store your sports gear. Decide whether you require lockable or open ones. They may fit the entire wall or part of it.
  • Racks – install the type of racks that appeal to you and your storage needs such as overhead racks, golf equipment racks, and 3-pack racks.
  • Hooks – choose hooks of different types for storage of bikes, golf gear, racquets, and other handy items.
  • Mesh baskets – these provide convenient storage for sports gear. Sorting and storing becomes easier making you find your items faster.

How to organize your garage items:

-  Look at all the storage options and settle on one.

-  Set aside two days to carry out the organization preferably a weekend or long holiday and during sunny weather. You can put all your items outside as you install storage space.

-  Identify who will help you. It could be professional help or your mate and children so you complete the work in the allocated duration.

-  Sort out your items according to usage, season, and users. This will give you an idea of where each item should be stored. If possible, print the different categories, for instance, golf equipment, car accessories, paints, and garden tools.

-  Our experts will install your preferred storage such as cabinets, Slatwall, hooks, racks, or a combination.

-  Transfer each group of items to their new space. Attach the printed labels.

-  Clear the garage and clean it.

-  Let all users in your home know that they need to replace items in the right place after use.

-  Determine to organize it weekly, quarterly, or half-yearly as you deem fit.

-  Declutter and plan to store only what you really use and is in good shape.

-  Arrange your items in piles according to categories.

-  Buy shelves, hooks, and various bin sizes.

-  Install the shelves and hooks on the wall and ceiling. Ensure the shelves can accommodate the different bin sizes.

-  If you have old furniture, you can repurpose it and place it at one end of the garage.

-  Label all your storage spaces according to the categories you sorted your items.

-  Organize your items in their respective spaces.

The best garage storage system

Since individuals have different storage needs, tastes, and budgets, some of the best systems to consider include:

  • Freestanding garage cabinet
  • Cabinet set that has adjustable shelves
  • Steel pegboard
  • Set of drawers, cabinets, and work surface
  • Sturdy overhead racks

Different sports require different solutions. We have shown you the best way to organize all your equipment in the garage. This could be your hockey, camping gear, basketballs, and other sports items. There is no more excuse to have your sporting items lying all over the place.

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* Updated 10/24/2022 

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