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Your garage is one of the most trafficked areas of the house. Whether you’re driving to work, taking the kids to school, or using the garage as a workspace, making the most of the space in the garage can keep you better organized and more efficient. Installing an overhead storage system can be an effective way to take the clutter out of your garage.

Overhead storage racks can be a great way to organize everything in your garage and keep heavier objects and unneeded items like holiday decorations in a safe place until you need them again. There are plenty of different types of racks you can use to optimize your storage space better.

Simple Storage Racks for Easy Access

Sometimes, simple is best for your storage ideas, and a simple overhead storage rack can be the perfect solution for your storage ideas. Ceiling storage racks can hold everything from simple items like storage boxes and unused tools to heavier seasonal items like kayaks and surfboards. Hanging overhead racks can also take various forms to suit the needs and structure of your garage. Solid foundations on a storage rack can make it more sturdy for heavier lifting, while some racks can hang from wires and be adjusted for slants in your ceiling.

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Some garage storage racks even come with grated bases, allowing you to hang more items from the bottom of the rack. Garage storage racks can be an effective way of organizing and optimizing the space in your garage so you can better use all that space in your home.

Adjustable Height Racks

Ceiling storage racks with adjustable heights can be an effective way to store those heavier items you may need to access more often while keeping them out of the way and off the floor. Racks with adjustable heights can make loading items on and off far more accessible, allowing you to store bigger items like spare tires and fishing rods while still getting to them when needed. Raise the storage rack when it’s not in use, and you’ve freed up plenty of space in your garage, giving you more space in your garage with the convenience of having your bigger items easily accessible.

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Adjustable height racks can also effectively keep your valuable oversized items out of reach of pets and children. Items like surfboards and kayaks can be easily stored and raised to the ceiling to keep children and pets from knocking over your summer-time equipment.

Steel Garage Racks for Heavy-Duty Storage

Garages are one of the most common storage spaces in many people’s homes, with anything not used in the house typically shoved in the garage. A stationary steel storage rack can handle all of the excesses from inside your house, no matter how heavy it is.

Stationary storage racks can also withstand much more weight than other racks, offering capacities of up to 800 lbs for all heavy-duty storage needs. Overhead storage can also protect your more expensive items from being knocked over below.

Motorized Storage Racks

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Storing and lifting heavy boxes, tools, and equipment can take a significant toll on your back. Lifting these heavy-duty objects onto a storage rack can be painful, especially if you have to raise them onto a storage rack above your level. Motorized storage racks are an effective way to store all your valuable belongings without putting the same strain on your body to lift those boxes. With motorized storage racks, pushing a button can quickly bring your garage ceiling storage, allowing you to safely and easily load up your storage racks with all your valuables and raise them back up to a safe overhead position.

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Motorized garage storage systems can increase the storage capacity in your garage without compromising your health to do it. Raising and lowering a motorized storage rack is simple and easy and allows you to bring your possessions down to your level whenever you need them again.

How Overhead Storage Can Upgrade Your Garage

More and more homeowners are turning to overhead storage systems like those offered by PremierGarage to maximize the space within their garages and keep their belongings safe. Garage ceiling storage makes the garage a safer place for everyone, from the family’s youngest members to the elderly, by keeping heavy boxes and tools out of reach and safely stowed away. Stationary racks can even use space you may not know you have in your garage, like above the garage door. Garage storage racks don’t have to sacrifice accessibility either, with motorized and adjustable racks allowing you to quickly and easily access your storage whenever needed.

For homeowners looking to make the most of their garage space, whether you’re turning it into a workspace or a media room, overhead storage can free up that floor space for more of whatever your heart desires. Overhead storage systems allow you to do what you want with your garage without worrying about where to move all those Christmas decorations.

Next Level Garage Organization with PremierGarage

If you want to take your garage space to the next level, PremierGarage has all the solutions to optimize and maximize your garage storage capacity. We offer personalized designs and services to fit your garage with various storage solutions, from wall racks and storage to overhead ceiling storage systems. With over 75,000 installations worth of experience across the US and Canada, our garage experts have the tools and the know-how to bring your dream garage to life. Schedule a free consultation with PremierGarage to learn more about how we can help you create your perfect garage.


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