It’s an exciting time when your whole home or garage organization solution is completely installed and ready for use – we love to see the results hand in hand with our clients as they embark on the next stage of their organizational journey. And after the initial honeymoon phase of settling in and enjoying a newfound sense of calm wears off, the (literal) dust will, inevitably, settle. But don’t let that deter your path moving forward. We’ve got care tips to keep your spaces in tip top condition for the long-term:

Whole Home Organization Care Tips

1.      Use a light duster for cleaning your closet shelves and occasionally wipe down the shelves with a microfiber cloth.

2.      At least 1-2 times per year (or more!), clean out your home pantry of old spices and any expired items, wipe down the shelves with an anti-bacterial wipe, and re-organize it all to start fresh.

3.      Home offices and built-ins are often places to showcase artwork, books, and small desk items. It’s important to dust these items regularly so that the material stays and looks fresh and new.

4.      Ensure good airflow in your closets to prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to mold or mildew.

5.      Pull out your cloth hamper baskets at least once a month to let them air out and/or be washed to maintain their long-term usage.

Garage Organization Care Tips

1.      If you have tools or equipment in your garage, maintain them regularly for safety and longevity.

2.      Ensure the security of your belongings, especially in the garage. Install locks and security systems if necessary.

3.      Take care when storing heavy or unwieldy items in garage cabinets – heavier items should generally be stowed closer to the ground.

4.      Use care when storing items on any overhead garage racks – have a specific order in which the items should be stored so there’s less confusion when putting bins and boxes away again.

5.      Be sure and clean your garage floor regularly – epoxy flooring is incredibly durable and easy to clean, but, stains should never be left to fester!

We hope these tips help in both the short and long term maintenance of your new Tailored Closet or PremierGarage space! Questions? Contact us at 703.707.0009 or today.

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