PremierGarage offers an incredible range of garage organizational tools and resources, from wall storage to flooring upgrades. And while updating the walls, ceiling, and flooring is a relatively straightforward operation, doing so with purpose is where the expertise lies. Our team of designers approach a garage remodel project with the same eye to detail and organization as with any room in your home. One key way that we do so is by implementing a zone system: 

Zone System Overview 

The first step is to do a systematic overview of your garage and what it's being used for (and what you hope to achieve with a redesign). Do you have lawn and gardening tools and supplies, sports equipment, non-perishable groceries and home goods, and other various items all over the place? Rather than adding in the organizational tools that PremierGarage offers and putting everything back where it was previously, think about creating specific zones for each group of combined interests. So, one wall could serve as a spot for gardening tools, power tools, and yard equipment, while another remains dedicated to bike helmets, lacrosse sticks, baskets of baseballs, etc. 

Systematic Purge & Re-Organization

While it would seem enticing to keep all the items from your garage after the organizational updates, we would highly recommend purging items that no longer serve a purpose to your family. Our systems can help to keep items organized but do an even better job when your stuff (for lack of a better word) has been winnowed down to a more manageable amount. 

Keep It Simple

Long-term organization relies on consistent maintenance. If you purchase new items for use in your home, garage or yard, look at older items already in your garage and ask yourself if you still need them. If they are outdated or not functioning well, it's likely time for them to move on. This keeps the clutter to a minimum and allows for better functionality. 

Zones are the way to go when reorganizing your garage! Contact PremierGarage today to schedule your free in-home consultation and begin your organizational journey. 

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