Winter is coming…and with it, the usual mix of weather: snow, sleet, rain, fog, or all the above. All the elements that are fun for the kids (and the kids at heart) aren’t usually the best for your cars, bikes, lawnmower, and the like, which are better stored under shelter. Now’s the perfect time to organize your garage and get it in gear for the upcoming winter season, and here are the top five reasons to organize your garage right now from PremierGarage:

1. Park Your Cars Indoors by Adding Wall & Ceiling Storage

Let’s admit it: if you’ve got a garage and aren’t using it to park at least one of your family’s cars inside, you need to start. Not only will parking in the garage save your car from outdoor wear and tear, but it will allow you to head out without having to warm up your car – thereby saving you time and money. If you’ve got too much stuff on the floor and piled up around the perimeter of the garage, it’s time to think vertically. PremierGarage has both wall and ceiling storage solutions, including stationery as well as motorized overhead racks, as well as slatwall systems (with up to 99 different options for hooks!). Once the flooring area is clear of an abundance of items, your car(s) will fit seamlessly in space.

2. Store Lawnmowers and Equipment Safely until Spring

With the colder weather comes a slowdown in yardwork (minus shoveling snow!). Time to store your lawnmower and yard tools away. Rather than putting items in a corner of your garage, consider overhead and wall storage for them as well. You can also install wall cabinetry to store items away safely for the winter – childproofing in the garage is just as important as childproofing inside a home. Keeping these items safe and out of reach is crucial for the equipment’s long-term usage and your family’s safety.

3. Re-Organize Cabinetry and Storage for Potential Long-Term Needs

Have you thought about adding wall cabinetry to your garage? It’s a great way to organize power tools, nails, screws, and other small items that should be stored away rather than lying around. PremierGarage has an entire line of cabinetry, with a variety of customizable colors to choose from, to help you get organized before the start of winter. From pull out drawers to full length cabinets, it’s easy to create storage options so your garage is more functional not only in the winter but year-round.

4. Take The Opportunity to Clean the Floor

Flooring is a crucial component to your garage organization – having a clean workspace, free of debris, oil spills, and other dirt gives your space more functionality. Imagine if you had PremierGarage’s epoxy flooring installed as well? With the many color options available, it’s a beautiful addition to your garage, plus, it’s much more durable and easier to clean the concrete that’s likely in place. Check out the variety of colors available here and learn how easy it is to install it (just two days!). Cleaning the garage floor can happen quickly throughout the winter, especially when you don’t want to spend too much time outdoors.

5. Consider Storage Options for Summer Fun vs Winter Décor

One of the best, if not the best, reasons to organize your garage – seasonal storage. If you’ve had a busy summer with the family, you most likely had beach chairs, camping equipment, boogie boards, etc. all down and in use for the past few months. With the coming of winter, it’s time to switch out your summer for your winter items. Our PremierGarage overhead storage racks are a great option for swapping out bins and storing them seasonally, while our slatwalls and hooks and baskets provide an easy and useful way to hang umbrellas and chairs, for example. The possibilities are truly endless for how your garage can be used for storage.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, we hope we do soon – the leaves will start changing color and the temperatures dropping. Get started on getting your garage in winter gear by calling our team of experts at 703.707.0009, emailing us at or filling out our project form. Bundle up and get organized today!

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