At PremierGarage, we like to say that your garage is an extension of your home. It’s a highly trafficked, busy, and multi-functional space, much like the rest of your house. Therefore, it should be treated with the same care and attention that you direct towards your home! We’ve pulled our experts together to come up with some fresh and new ideas for keeping your garage organized in 2024 so it keeps the pace with your home:

Sort, Toss, Re-Prioritize

This isn’t a fresh idea, but, it’s a good one to do each new year – go through the items in your garage and sort and toss. If something is expired, absolutely throw it away! If it’s a tool that’s over it’s lifespan, toss it. A fresh start needs a clean slate. Consider your hobbies – are you still flying kites with the kids as much as you did when they were younger? Maybe it’s time to pass the toys along to another family.

Safe Storage

There are certain chemicals and fuels that are allowed to be stored in a garage and others that absolutely should not. Check your paint cans, sprays, cleaners, etc. to be sure they are in the proper temperature environment and/or safe space. And, even if something is safe for the garage, be sure that it’s stored properly and safely away from pets and children. PremierGarage cabinets are the perfect solution for this!

Upgrade to Epoxy Flooring (and make it personal!)

Your garage’s cement floor, while perfectly acceptable, isn’t as safe, easy to clean, or durable as epoxy flooring. A quick 2-day process is all that’s needed to update your garage floor and you can choose one of 13 different flake colors to personalize your garage – again, an opportunity to upgrade but also lend a creative touch to the space!

Go Vertical!

Your garage walls and ceiling are your best friends when finding new and fresh ways to organize your garage. Slatwall and hooks can be used for hanging just about anything in a garage, from garden and power tools to sports equipment and beach chairs. Plus, your ceiling is a handy spot to install overhead stationary racks to store seasonal items.

Create a Workbench

A workbench, with easy accessibility and good lighting, is another way to add a new level of functionality to your garage. We love the various ways that a slatwall can be used in a workbench to hang tools, baskets of screws, and just about anything that is needed at hands reach.

Start the new year off right with these fresh ideas for your garage organization. PremierGarage is ready to partner with you on this journey! Contact us today at 703.707.0009 or email us at

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