Interested in a garage makeover? Look no further than down…down, that is, at your garage floor! Starting from the ground up, you can instantly update the look, feel, safety, and overall appearance of your garage in just a few days. With PremierGarage’s line of garage floor coatings and multiple color options for each, a garage makeover can be yours as quickly as you can decide on a few important items. Of note, each floor coating option offers the following benefits:

  • No harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC's) or harsh chemicals​.
  • Protection of your garage floor, sealing out dirt, dust and debris, and inhibiting mold and bacterial growth​.
  • Slip resistant textures. ​
  • Sophisticated topcoats to withstand hot tires, heat, UV, cold, wet or extremely dry weather conditions​.
  • Low maintenance & easy to clean; spills wipe right up, so keeping your floor clean is almost effortless​.
  • Customizable - multitudes of different textures and styles to choose from to fit your lifestyle.

Just a few decisions on application type and colors and you’re within reach of your garage makeover. PremierGarage offers the following options and applications:

  • Decorative Textures: Classic and timeless providing a subtle slip resistant texture with a glossy finish.
  • Stone: Variegated flake blend to create the appearance of natural and “granite-like” stone.
  • Elements: Unique natural crystalline look that’s reflective of mineral flake.
  • Stratus: High gloss artisan finish swirls to mimic motel metal – very modern in look and feel!
  • Solids: Clear, uninterrupted expanse.

 You can view all the colors and options here and be ready to enjoy your new floor with just a 2 day application timeframe (and multiple day curing). Contact PremierGarage today to get started on your garage makeover: email or call at 703.707.0009

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