How's the workbench area in your garage? Is it organized and functional or is it a catch all area aka the junk drawer of your garage? Hopefully the former and not the latter!

If you do have a workbench that feels chaotic, PremierGarage can help - our customizable workbenches feature not only cabinetry, countertops, and slatwall, but also a full line of accessories from Storewall that are easily installed and interchangeable and able to organize and store all the bits and parts that are crucially important to a, pardon the pun, "working" workbench

Accessory # 1: Magnetic Bars

Magnetic bars, sized at either 24 or 15 inches, are a fantastic way NOT to lose items such as scissors, pliers, and the like. Easy enough to keep multiple types of tools handy and easy to grab. 

Accessory # 2: Tool Shelves

A dual-purpose accessory, the Storewall tool shelves are helpful as not only a shelf but also as a way to store screwdrivers, for example. Each shelf, which is made of extremely strong and durable material, has holes drilled into it, and tools can be stored vertically for easy organization.

Accessory # 3: Hooks

Our single hooks are a helpful way to store items like paint brushes that need to dry after being used while our multi-tool hooks make neat use of tight spaces. The hooks and other items are all easily moved on slatwall as well with the use of a flat head screwdriver.

Accessory # 4: Baskets

Think baskets don't have a place on a workbench? Incorrect! Baskets are a good place to store random items like electrical or painters tape, screws, measuring tapes, zip ties, and the other odds and ends that don't have a specific home. Our accessories include not only small everyday baskets but also clear storage bins - both of which easily snap in and out of place on slatwall. 

Visualizing a workbench is made easier with the implementation of our PremierGarage solutions as well as Storewall accessories. Interested in learning more about how PremierGarage can elevate your garage organization and workbench? Contact us today at or call us at 703.707.0009. 

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