It’s almost time for Thanksgiving! We all know what that means: food, family, and, well, potential franticness. If you’re hosting the Thanksgiving holiday this year, you’ll be managing the main meal (even if you’re not cooking every course), entertaining visitors, and organizing the day (setting the table, decorating, keeping the pantry well-stocked, etc.) so that your holiday runs as smoothly as possible. Is a Thanksgiving Day without hiccups always achievable? Sometimes, but realistically, not often. At The Tailored Closet and PremierGarage of Greater Washington, D.C., we’ve got solutions that can provide organization from start to finish for the holiday and all year round. Here are our top organization solutions for Thanksgiving that can give you the peace of mind and the potentially perfect event you’re envisioning:

Useful Garage Cabinetry  

Your garage should be considered an extension of your home. As such, consider installing PremierGarage custom cabinetry that can be used as additional pantry storage for your home – especially for Thanksgiving, when many of the side dishes we all love are made from canned food! You can also use garage cabinetry to store seasonal decorations, larger appliances and serving dishes, and much more – leaving your kitchen storage and pantry available for the day-to-day needs. Bonus: you can store other non-perishables in the garage that will be helpful for hosting Thanksgiving: paper goods, garbage bags, batteries, etc.

Well-Organized Pantry

A pantry can be organized relatively easily, but, if the space feels jam-packed, it might be that the square footage isn’t being used to its best possible effect. The Tailored Closet offers customized solutions for designing pantries that have designated storage spots for everyday needs as well as seasonal ones and offers specialized organization such as pull-out spice racks and slots for cookie sheets, cookbooks, and more. Being able to see everything in your pantry with ease is one of the best ways to stay organized this Thanksgiving!

Beautiful Built-Ins

Do you have a plethora of holiday décor? If so, you should show it off! Our Tailored Closet built-ins are helpful in that they can be designed to store and display all your cherished and treasured items without crowding on shelves because your space has been better utilized. Plus, our built-ins provide storage so that you can rotate your items on an as-needed basis and not feel as if you’re drowning in holiday and seasonal items.

Thanksgiving is a joyous and cherished holiday for Americans – approaching the holiday with a sense of organization goes for not only planning the menu but also recognizing ways that your home can be better designed to make your day as wonderful (and stress-free!) as possible. From all of us at The Tailored Closet and PremierGarage, wishing you calm days ahead and a Happy Thanksgiving.

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