Are there places in your home where you find yourself organizing and reorganizing—again—yet the mess never seems to get any better? These are your messiest clutter spots and where you should begin the campaign to eliminate annoying clutter from your home. High-traffic areas where things get dropped off but not picked up are high on messiest hot spot lists, as are those areas that are admittedly difficult to organize, and you haven’t quite gotten around to figuring it out. Common areas for persistent and recurring clutter include:

  • Entryways
  • Garage
  • Pantry
  • Laundry room
  • Kitchen counters and dining table


Custom garage storage and mudroom with cabinetsGarage storage cabinets and a mini mudroom next to the connecting door create a win/win to control clutter in-home and in the garage

Clutter can be the result of several things that culminate in the frustrated feeling that your home is out of control, including too many possessions, lack of storage and organization, busy people, and not making neatness a priority. Clutter has proven to be a source of stress and an in-depth study revealed that women who described their homes as cluttered, began their days stressed and remained stressed (The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology). PremierGarage can help you break that cycle with storage and organization solutions to control the clutter and live more peaceably in every area of your home!

Custom storage cabinets bring order out of chaos

Anywhere in your home where the space is undefined, custom cabinetry can bring order out of chaos by turning that space into a center of organization and convenient storage. Key to eliminating clutter is to have a place for everything in your home and customizing storage to what you need to store. Cabinet design includes closed cabinets, open shelving, shelf dividers, cubbies, and drawers to accommodate all your stuff. Custom storage cabinets can revolutionize your garage, with finishes, colors, and decorative hardware to match your décor.

Custom Entryway, Laundry room and Pantry storageSmall spaces can become big on storage and organization with custom cabinetry for the way you live

  • Laundry room cabinets hide all the laundry day necessities as well as providing general household storage space with floor-to-ceiling design.
  • Keep clutter from entering the main house with customized storage solutions for the entryway to provide hanging and enclosed storage to eliminate unsightly clutter.
  • Your garage can become storage central with custom garage storage cabinets to greatly expand functional living space and uncover lots of vertical storage space.

Empower countertops with organization helps

Flat surfaces seem to attract stacks and piles without really trying. An entryway table can get piled with mail, hats, books, purses, and backpacks as people trapse in and out. Same for kitchen counters and the dining room table, end tables, coffee table, and bedside tables. To eliminate random piles on any surface, implement storage solutions like bins, baskets, or other place holders for what you want displayed (candles, plants, lamps, art objects) as well as to contain the clutter.

Organized containers and countertops storage solutionsMake a style statement while controlling clutter with unique containers to keep countertops clear and organized

  • Intentional storage will prevent every surface from becoming a drop zone for random belongings.
  • A centralized mail station will keep it sorted per individual, outgoing mail, bills, and a nearby wastebasket can immediately take care of junk mail instead of setting it down somewhere.
  • Expand counter space with tiered racks that create vertical storage for things you want on the counters.

Develop clutter-free habits

You are not alone if you find yourself organizing and then reorganizing the same spots because clutter is going to be a part of any household and hotspots aren’t going to go away by themselves. Banishing clutter requires that you (and everyone in the household) break old habits and establish new ones. It may be difficult at first but once you have simple systems in place, you’ll be amazed at the results.

  • Have a place for everything; brainstorm workable systems you can set up to reduce clutter in specific areas.
  • Institute a full-family, 10-minute tidy at the end of day to return everything to its rightful place so those responsible for creating the mess are the ones managing it and not just frustrated mom.
  • Daily, as you move from room to room, transport what you see that needs to go elsewhere. (Shoes to bedrooms, books to shelves, dirty glasses to the kitchen.)
  • Do quick two-minute cleanups and tidying now, don’t put off until later. (Emptying a wastebasket, returning tools to the garage, wiping crumbs off the table or counter.)
  • Set a rule to put things back when finished, basically everyone cleaning up after themselves.
  • Have each person make their bed in the morning as an encouragement to keep their rooms and, ultimately, the whole house tidy. Check out 5 Reasons to Make Your Bed Every Day.
  • Set up donation station/boxes and deliver the contents regularly to your favorite charity rather than letting intended donations pile up.

Live your best life clutter-free

While clutter may be inevitable in a busy household, that doesn't mean that it should be allowed to take over. Maximizing your garage space with convenient, customized storage will make it easier to keep your belongings organized. 

Sample designs consultation with organizationWe come to you with samples and design guides and create a 3D picture so you can see exactly how your project will look

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*Updated 10/24/2022

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