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Garage Cabinets & Workspaces

Custom cabinets and innovative garage storage solutions eliminate clutter and organize your space. We have the perfect selection of sturdy yet stylish garage cabinetry that can keep all your items safely stored and out of sight until you need them. Some cabinets have locking mechanisms to keep items safe and secure.

PremierGarage® Custom Garage Cabinets

Custom garage cabinets instantly restore order by organizing everything in your garage. Our cabinet design options include closed cabinets, open shelving, shelf dividers and drawers to accommodate all your stuff. Custom storage cabinets can revolutionize your garage, with finishes, colors, and decorative hardware to match your décor.


Upgrade your garage storage cabinets with shelves and countertops to maximize your garage’s functionality. Upper and lower cabinets and drawers around countertops use every inch of storage space and they can be designed to fit around laundry appliances, water heaters, electrical panels, doorways, and windows, as well as accommodating sloped ceilings or uneven floors.

Garage Wall Systems

Convert unused wall space to versatile storage with adaptable accessory hangers, specialty hooks, and shelving. Use all of your available wall space to hang bikes, tennis rackets, golf clubs, bats, and other sports equipment. Our quality wall storage systems offer easy-to-use yet highly secure storage options. Wall racks and mounted storage baskets are additional options to move things off the floor and maximize the space all the way to the ceiling.  

Overhead Storage Racks

Multiply garage storage capability by capturing overlooked ceiling space with secure overhead racks. Overhead storage can accommodate large items like seasonal decorations, beach and camping gear, sleeping bags, folding chairs and more.


Automated platform storage lifts and specialty lifts bring the convenience and safety of automated storage options to everyone’s level. Lifters are designed to work together, group up to four to lift up to 400 pounds. In any garage, automated overhead storage can double storage space without sacrificing convenience. Effortless overhead storage solutions at the palm of your hand, saving your back and freeing up valuable floor space.