Having enough space is crucial when creating a home gym in your garage. Unfortunately, many people’s garages are used for storage, making them highly cluttered. This can be made even worse because most people don’t have enough storage space in their garages. There are many potential storage options to consider when attempting to maximize space and minimize clutter. Here are a few of the best garage storage options from PremierGarage that you should consider to help optimize your garage space to create an amazing home gym: 

Wall-mounted racks and hooks: Install wall-mounted racks and hooks to hang larger gym equipment such as barbells, resistance bands, and yoga mats. This helps keep them off the floor, saving valuable space and ensuring easy accessibility.  

Shelving units: Utilize sturdy shelving units to store smaller workout equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and workout towels. Adjustable shelves allow for customization to accommodate different sizes of equipment.  

Cabinets and drawers: Use these to provide concealed storage for items you may want to keep out of sight, such as cleaning supplies or extra towels. Opt for cabinets with adjustable shelves and drawers to accommodate various sizes of items. 

Storage bins and containers: Utilize storage bins and containers for storing and organizing smaller items such as weightlifting accessories, gloves, and resistance bands. Labeling the bins can help you quickly locate specific items, saving time and reducing clutter.  

Overhead storage: Take advantage of overhead storage space by installing overhead racks or platforms. This area is ideal for storing infrequently used and bulky items such as seasonal equipment or large exercise balls.  

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