The winter chill is definitely in the air – and if your car isn’t parked in your garage overnight, you can feel it in your bones when you head out to it! At PremierGarage, we believe that your garage is not only an extension of your home that can and should be organized and functional, but also a place where you can potentially take advantage of the space to park your vehicle and endure less freezing conditions when leaving in the winter. Here are our top 5 tips for getting your garage winter ready AND creating an organized space you’ll love (and able to park!):

Tip # 1: Epoxy Flooring for Safety

PremierGarage’s epoxy flooring is safe, durable, and provides extra traction and better grip for your vehicles and feet in case of slush, mud, and ice. Having a no-slip floor (and parking your car under cover) gives you the comfort of knowing you and your family are extra secure from the elements.

Tip # 2: Overhead Storage for Rotation of Seasonal Items

Clear out the floor area by installing overhead storage racks – this is a fantastic way to use the ceiling space that’s likely in abundance, plus, it allows for easy storage of seasonal items and bins. If you’re only reaching for these supplies a few times a year, overhead storage is a useful way to store them as they are within reach but not in the way.

Tip # 3: Slatwall for More Seasonal Storage

Installing slatwall is another way to allow for seasonal storage. You can choose from any one of over 99 hook and basket options from PremierGarage to create zone organization on your vertical spaces. For example, you could have a gardening tool area, a place to hang beach chairs, etc., which allows for functionality of your garage and again, gets items off the floor.

Tip # 4: Custom Cabinetry for Organization of Year-Round Functionality

Garage cabinetry is key when organizing for the winter. Some car or yard items aren’t necessarily used in the winter as much as the warmer months. Wouldn’t it be a positive shift to be able to have a cabinet specifically to store those items away until you need them again, versus having them underfoot? PremierGarage offers customized cabinetry solutions that work with your needs and your life!

Tip # 5: Leaks, Cracks, and More

While not something that our team at PremierGarage can do for you, we would highly recommend making sure that your garage is weather proofed as much as possible before the winter. Not only can cold air seep in (and then potentially into your home) but snow and rain can also seep and sneak in, creating a mess all around.

Winterizing your garage is a good idea not only to create a functional space, but also to allow for more ease of parking your vehicle away from the elements and making your mornings slightly less cold! Contact PremierGarage today to learn more about our flooring and storage solutions!

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