When the snow flies and Jack Frost paints fantastical snowflakes on the windows, that’s the signal to get out all the winter sports equipment that’s been randomly stored throughout the house and garage. If you find yourself struggling to collect all those ice skates, skis, snowboards, snowshoes, or sleds, PremierGarage has solutions for storing winter sports equipment so that when it’s time to play, all the necessary equipment is ready to go.

Garage Storage Cabinets

Garage storage cabinets accomplish two major storage and organization challenges. They convert vertical space into organized storage and hide all the contents and clutter behind closed doors, keeping your garage eternally neat. Internal adjustable shelves let you customize the space to accommodate sports equipment of any size, from long skis to ice hockey pucks. You can easily group all the winter sports equipment into accessible cabinet space so that nothing gets lost.

Wall Hanging Storage Systems

A second option for maximizing garage storage space is Slatwall panels. They can provide floor-to-ceiling storage where cabinets don’t fit, and they can be used in conjunction with cabinets as in the image above for a balance of enclosed and open storage. You can customize Slatwall panels to fit anywhere, like in corners or behind doors, with accessories to hold anything. You’ll be amazed at how much equipment can be vertically stored in a small space. Adjusting and moving things around as your storage needs change is no problem, so when one sport is done for the season, its gear can be moved to a less accessible area and replaced with the equipment for whatever sport is in season.

Overhead Storage

Overhead storage is probably the most over-looked option to expand your garage’s storage capabilities. While it may be inconvenient for storage of everyday items, overhead racks are ideal for long-term storage like holiday decorations you only access occasionally. Additionally, it’s a great way to store off-season sports equipment out of the way, while having the current season’s equipment accessible on Slatwall or in garage cabinets. Then, as the seasons change, do a storage location swap!

Don’t let winter slow down the fun

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